What To Expect From A Home Inspection

While your dream home is waiting in the wings, many deals are hinged on an “acceptable” home inspection. What does this mean to you as a buyer? Hopefully, it means your prospective home undergoes an evaluation similar to that of a personal general physical. You go to the doctor for a general analysis of your condition. Hopefully, all is well. If not, you need to know now. Not after you have purchased this “diamond in the rough” or “mint condition showpiece”.

Being a general overview of the home, much like a physical, if there are conditions, your inspector should refer you to seek additional evaluation from a specialist in the field in question. Should your doctor look into your ears and see abnormalities, he will most likely refer you to an ear specialist; should your inspector find conditions with the electrical system, he will most likely refer you to a licensed electrical contractor. Do not expect for your home inspector to be a specialist in each field. An inspection is a general overview that is designed to help you with the expectations of a home you are purchasing. Not an over analytical evaluation with every microbe of the structure under scrutiny.

What To Expect
What To Expect
What To Expect

What NOT To Expect From An Inspection

You should also not expect this to be a cosmetic evaluation. Would you like to go to the doctor and have him/her tell you there are too many freckles? No. You want him/her to focus on the important physical issues, not the birthmark on your forehead. A good home inspector is looking at the structural and systemic conditions with the home, not the stains in the carpet or the need for paint on the walls. We all can relate to the need to leave some cosmetic issues out of the fray of the inspection.

Much can be learned from an inspection that will lead to your own expectations of the property prior to your purchase. Should you expect to replace the water heater in the near future, or should it be good to go for an extended time period. Is the roof at the beginning or the end of its life? Can an inspection act as a warranty for these components? No. Only a good realization of what it is you are actually purchasing.

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